Ruck Across America
Raising money for charities dedicated to supporting veterans.

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What We're About

We are a large community of like-minded individuals who enjoy taking on seemingly daunting tasks. In the spirit of this we are going to hike a backpack, or “ruck” as we call it, across all fifty states. Why are we doing this? Our response is “Why not?” Several years ago we attempted this and as part of our effort we were able to raise awareness for The Green Beret Foundation and raise quite a bit of money in the process. What has changed since that initial ruck is the size of the community and the goal to hit every state. A big part of the ruck, aside from completing the task, is raising awareness and funds for veteran’s charities. To that end we have put together a great team of volunteers to piece this all together and put some miles in when the event begins February 25, 2017!

How This Thing Works

Simplicity is a beautiful thing and its what makes the functioning of this event possible. To sum up how this works: You, as a participant, grab the ruck from the person before you. You then hike for a distance of your choosing and then hand the ruck off to the next person who repeats the process. It really is as simple as that.

In order to make that process flow smoothly you will need to coordinate with the person bringing the ruck to you and the person you are giving the ruck too. You are more than welcome to have people join you and it’s highly encouraged not only from a comradery standpoint but also for a safety measure. The route you take is up to you as long as it follows the general path. There will be regional groups established to develop the route in advance of the ruck entering a state as only people local to an area know the best way through so make sure you get tied into the group in your area. This is being done largely on Facebook so if you are looking to participate but don’t know where to look let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The intent is for the ruck to be on the move at all times, day and night, but we understand that occasionally that just won’t happen for various reasons and that’s fine. The ruck should also be moved by human power as much as possible meaning that it is moved on foot or on human powered wheels. There will be portions where the ruck will need to be shipped to a location such as when the ruck needs to travel to Alaska and Hawaii but as a general guideline the ruck is to be transported as mentioned before.

(For GRTs who would like to get involved)